Massage / Skin Treatment



The purpose of a massage is generally for the treatment of body by stress or pain.

A good massage can do wonders. Some people want a harder, treating massage of a certain area, while others want a relaxing and softer massage, I can adapt the treatment to your needs.


Benefits of a massage:

  • reduce stress, increase relaxation
  • reuce pain and tension
  • improve blood circulation
  • lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • improve immune function
  • helps against anxiety 
  • also produce feelings of caring, comfort and connection


Just breath, put your shoulder down !



Massage Price
Aroma - massage (25 min ) 590 NOK
Swedish - massage ( 25 min ) 590 NOK
Back and Neck - massage ( 25 min ) 590 NOK
Lymphatic drainage (stomach / leg , 40 min) Detox Effect 590 NOK
Boss . Session ( adapts to your needs, 25 min) 620 NOK
Kinesiotaping ( if its needed or wanted ) + 35 NOK
Whole body massage (40 min) 800 NOK




Improving the external appearance of your skin.


    Facial Massage

    Facial massage is a cosmetic treatment that includes using hands or a tool to massage the face and neck to stimulate blood circulation, promote relaxation, and improve the appearance of the skin. Facial massage represents rejuvenating treatment that can help you achieve a more youthful, glowing complexion.

    Include cleaning of the skin. 






    Gua Sha Massage

    The special treatment of the skin using a rosenquarz hand-sized stone allows muscle nodules to be extracted and selectively worked on. The massage technique is simple: the Gua Sha stone is gently rubbed over the skin until it turns slightly red. This is already implied by the name of the method, because "Gua" means rubbing and "Sha" stands for the reddening of the skin that occurs afterwards. The treatment, in combination with the cooling and smooth surface of the gemstones, is intended to improve blood circulation, give you a boost of freshness and a glowing complexion. Helps produce collagen, decreases inflamation and helps to sculpts facial muscles. 



    Yoga Facial

    Yoga facial are exercises that move the muscles on your face into certain positions — kind of like yoga for your body. The idea is that performing these exercises will keep your face looking toned and young, lifting areas that are sagging and drooping, and trimming years from your visage.

    Most people hold tension in their faces, whether through facial expressions or too much time in front of a screen. “All these daily activities cause patterns in how we use our face and the specific muscles we recruit. 

    Face yoga combines exercises, stretches, and massage techniques like acupressure for your face and neck



    Ice- Jelly- Glow 

    The cooling massage stimulates blood circulation in your skin and gives you a noticeably fresher complexion. Help against puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines, because the Ice Globes smooth the skin and the cooling effect reduces puffiness combined with a jelly mask - peels off, leaving the skin calm, soft and moisturised!  All the hydrojelly masks have added electrolytes and mainly consist of selected algae. This provides immediate and intense moisture. The masks create a vacuum-like seal, which enables deeper and complete absorption of the nutritious ingredients. The masks work immediately, and not only provide good nutrition and a soothing effect for the skin. It also provides a revitalizing effect that gives a naturally visible glow.







    Relaxes -Cleans -Nourishes -ME TIME

    We start here with a steam bath on your back with a neck and head massage. Then we continue with a facial steam bath, cleansing of the skin with a massage. jelly mask, arm and hand massage.

    Simply divine!



    Green Peeling 

    Green Peel, also known as herbal peeling treatment, is an intensive skin peeling based on selected herbs, enzymes and vitamins that are gently worked into the skin.

    Is very suitable for pigment disorders, wrinkles, acne and skin damage caused by light. There are three different treatment methods that are individually adapted to your needs:

    Green Peel Classic is ideal for: large-pored and/or impure skin, wrinkle formation, sun-damaged skin, scars, hyperpigmentation or against stretch marks (pregnancy marks)

    Green Peel Energy is ideal for: impure skin, age-related skin symptoms, scars and pigment disorders.

    Green Peel Fresh Up is ideal for: tired, sallow-looking skin and light pigment disorders.


    (Starting in Autumn 2023 ) !!!!!!


    Treatment Price
    Facial Massage ( 30 min) 450 NOK
    Gua Sha Sculpting Massage ( 45 min) 590 NOK
    Yoga Facial ( 30 min) 450 NOK
    Ice-Jelly- Glow ( 50 min) 690 NOK
    RCN - ME TIME ( 50min ) 690 NOK
    Green Peeling (50 - 60 min ) 890 NOK




    Lashes / eyebrows






    Treatment Price
    Shape eyebrow 400 NOK
    Brow color 350 NOK
    Lashes color 350 NOK


    Where you find me ?

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