Hi there ! I am Ana ….

I was born in California, but my parents are latinos, so my passion is dancing and Im a proud latin girl. I grew up in Germany.

In 2012 I became a Zumba classes in Germany and had 7 classes de week. 

I also certified myself as a Personal Trainer, I like to train and motivate people to reach their goals at they gym. 

Im also massage therapist and skin therapist. I love to take care of my body and help others to do it also. So that trough the years we keep energetic and healthy and our body will thank us for that.


In 2022 I certified myself as a Nutritionist, creating funny and healthy meals, focused on what is the best for each customer and their needs.

Trough the years I have been learning to take care about me and my body, my wellness, increasing my own Energy and Mindfulness. Bringing happy music in the classes, fixing your shoulders or back, giving glow to your face, creating yummy and healthy food plans, training next to you and all the good energy and mood that I have ….I would like to share with you. 


Im offering here a combo of good treats !  


I hold all my offers in English, Spanish, German or even Norwegian. 

I can just recommend you to treat yourself with love, with respect and patience. 

Give good things to your body, to your soul and also your soul and body will give you GOOD back !! 

……….. see you then , Ana